Cost Of Living In UAE

Cost Of Living In UAE

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today we aregoing to share with youa normal expenses of our daily life in uae so that you get an idea about the cost of living in uae

let’s start with the largest expense which we haveand which most of us have which is the friend for us we recently moved from a studio apartment to a one bedroom apartment from a downtown area to a island area so as of now we are paying 55 000 for a year for this apartment in green island in abudhabi so it’s roughly translates to around 4500 per month so this is the biggest chunk of our monthly expense.

now when i say 4500 don’t fret because this may be on a higher side because as we have lived even in 2500 per month and still there are a lot of plants available in that all depends on what size of flat you want what kind of area you want to live ina nd it also depends on which emulator.

so in abu dhabi house rents are usually up that we have seen is higher than other emirates while if you go to the other end like it will be very cheap it all depends onwhere you work

second expense we incurred on a regular basis is the grocery expenses for grocery what i generally do is i always have a budget and we track it on a regular basis so what we have come to a conclusion is that our monthly expenses and groceries goes around 800 dirhams to thousands

and i would like to tell you that weare mostly vegetarians and we have stopped or we can say that we are not consuming knowledge much but again i would like to tell you vegetables are more expensive here than non-veg food yeah so eating vegetarianis a little bit expensive because here in uae vegetables are not that much grown and you can get meat very easily but not vegetables so vegetables are imported from other countries so the expenses in terms of buying vegetables.

next is the fuel or transport related expenses that we have we usually spend around 500 per month for just fuel and parking we don’t spend on car because the caris provided by the company if you are also using public transport may be the expenses would be somewhat similar maybe a little lesser than this.

if you plan to own a car a monthly would comea nywhere thousand around 700 dollars based on your budget.

next up is electricity water and municipality bill we see it as ac bill here in abu dhabi so that comes around roughly 500 dirhams and it is inclusive of the municipality charges in abu dhabi is calculated like this the rent amount we are paying 55 000 so 55 000 dirhams in to that is divided into 12 months that is the constantin our bill so basically the bill comes around 250 dirhams and apart from that 250 dirhams comes for the water and electricity bill.

one more thing i would like to add is that here in the climate is mostly summer whether the temperature goes somewhere between 30 to 45 degree celsius for most of the year so that is six to seven months it is hot and humid climate and four five months we have a little bit of pleasant where you can switch off your ac but here the acs are 24 hours working otherwise what happens is thereis a humid issue inside the homes so uhunfortunately we even if you want to we cannot switch of our ac to reduce the electricity.

so that is one thing which i would like to tell you and talking about ac i forgot basically what they do is there is a central district cooling unit through which cool air passes to every house and they charge separately for thatand it’s a it seems that the overal lcost is much lesser.

than you know what you usually pay without the chiller so the next expense that we have monthly is the internet service or the wi-fi charges that we have so in uae there are only two major telecom companies it is you can go either with one of these so more or less their packages are same so we here using this a lot and we pay around 300 dirhms per month which is like a 15 mbps speed unlimited downloads

ablove list is major expances so totak cost is

sutudio rent – 4500 dirham (in sarjah dubai border is 2400 dirham)

water electricity and gas bill is arround 600,700

mobile recharge 100 dirham

traveling cost 550 dirhams

noramal lunch dinner and breckfast self cooking is 500 dirham

this is the mojor naccesary cost of living in uae

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