How Can I Find Employment in Dubai?

How Can I Find Employment in Dubai

Sincere to say, the job market in Dubai is really difficult at the moment. Finding a job took me about four months, and I was the only one who did it through family here. The same is true for my partner; she searched for employment online for approximately ten whole months. She was only able to find employment because my sister connected her with a friend.

You must comprehend our past in order to make this point. I am an Indian migrant who has lived in Dubai for more than 20 years. My family is fairly well off. My girlfriend is a Indian-born We both hold indian university degrees and have a solid job history.

I’ll tell you one thing if you want some very important advice. DO NOT start your job search in Dubai while you are on a visit or tourist visa. You’ll waste all of your money, and it will take far too long. Never fall for a CV distribution scam is a further piece of advise. This city has a couple of them. They won’t return your call after taking your money.

You can find a nice career if you have the necessary qualifications and experience. If not, you might be considering low-paying jobs. I had a beginning salary of 3,000 AED when I first began working here in Dubai. My first job in the america paid around $2,000 USD. Be patient, please. You will eventually find a job if you keep submitting online applications. But don’t stop working or developing your talents while you’re looking for work. I frequently receive requests for assistance such as “Please sir, I am seeking for work in Dubai.” Nobody will ever hire you if you use unofficial social networking platforms, thus this will never work. Check out the links provided below.


albatha – Business With Values

Landmark Group

My opinion is that you should do your homework and identify the employers to apply to if you want a job. Ensure that you navigate directly to their professional platforms. In my opinion, it functions a lot better than LinkedIn.or email us on we guide you batter

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