How is life and work like in Dubai?

How is life and work like in Dubai

I’ve been employed in Dubai for over two years. I spent almost two years working in India before relocating to Dubai. Several advantages of residing in Dubai:

1.Lifestyle – Many residents spend extravagantly, some are able to do so, and some are willing to live on the edge. Many people live in upscale neighborhoods, purchase luxury vehicles, and rely on credit cards to preserve their social standing. If you live within your means, I think you can save a sizable portion of your income and still lead a respectable life.

2.hub for various nations – English becomes the prevalent language because this area serves as a hub for various nations. You can see individuals from all over the world here. Hindi and Malyalam are also widely used because there are many people from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh living there.

3.Salary & Tax – The salaries we receive here are tax-free. Our take-home pay is whatever we receive. However, we must pay 5% VAT while purchasing goods or services. Some people do really pay taxes to their native nations.

4.Working Days – The working week is from Sunday through Thursday, not Monday through Friday. Some businesses also allow Saturday hours.

5.Food – There are several eateries that offer options for all tastes and price ranges. I appreciate the cuisine here and the variety of alternatives I have because I am a vegetarian.

6.Workplace culture – varies greatly depending on the organization you are employed by. Depends on your level as well. Although I haven’t seen much of a “work from home” culture here, many employers offer flexibility in the workplace.

7, Strict Low And Rules – You are safe to go around at any time, drop your wallet on the ground, and you will find it again. Law is respected by all. Even during peak hours, autos will yield to pedestrians. Even while there is crime, it is extremely minimal. People observe the laws because of the high fines as well.

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