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Welcome To our website

Today Jobs In UAE We are a genuine authorized company by the governments of India Name As Globaleye Trading Pvt Ltd(India) and the United Arab Emirates (Globaleye Trading LLC) ,and we do not charge for jobs. We also have a number of cooperating companies, and we help them fill new openings as they arise.Today jobs in uae and europe we try every day update Today Jobs In UAE

Why does the company offer us job openings?

Due to the difficulty of the employment market in Dubai, many individuals scam job seekers out of money, and some websites charge from emplyer to  posting job openings (such as Dubzzle, which charges 50 CVs for 1,000 AED). It’s not important to the company, but after posting jobs, many CVs are received and it can be difficult to select the best candidate. As a result, the company gives us direct openings without charging any fees. After we receive many applications, our staff personally reviews each CV, and we submit some select candidates’ CVs to HR.

Why we do this, how we manage our workforce, and how we handle any other expenses?

Basically, we don’t want to make money of this model because it isn’t a business model. Instead, we want to use the money we make from our other businesses to help people who are fleeing their home countries for jobs in the UAE and are currently struggling. As a result, we aren’t currently making any money.

We’re working to continue improving our website for job seekers because we understand the importance of employment. Our goal is to help as many people as possible find employment in the United Arab Emirates and be satisfied with their lives.

Our goal is to help everyone who is unable to write a resume or apply for a job. We recognize how difficult it is, yet we persevere and build a really good society. We want everyone in our city to be happy.

We don’t disclose our addresses because there is a lot of traffic in the neighborhood and it is difficult to manage if many people come into our office.

What are the steps to seeking a job and how can we help?

Many of our customers are interested in helping job seekers, but they are unable to do so due to the presence of job agencies and the absence of free platforms.

1.Apply for jobs on our website
2.If your resume matches an employer’s requirements, they should get in touch with us.

3. We will process your visa, handle all the paperwork, and just charge the employer.

if u need any type of help we happy to help you if possible so please contact on contact@dubaifreejobs.com

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Over 30K Pepole Get A Job